Dream Songs Part One

by Luke Brindley

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This is the first part of my new album, “Dream Songs”.

All the the songs were written in a dream or extemporaneously in a flash of inspiration in one sitting with minimal editing.

“Dream Songs” will be released in three parts. The first part, available today, consists of four songs. The other two parts will be three songs each to make a ten song album.

All three parts will be released digitally on a “pay what you can” basis. Depending on demand, I may make CDs or vinyl of the complete record, so let me know if you are interested in that.

Thank you for listening and for your support!



released March 11, 2018

Luke Brindley: guitar and vocals
Kit Karlson: keys

Mixed by Jared Bartlett.
Cover image by Jordan Hamlett Sanders.


all rights reserved



Luke Brindley Washington, D.C.


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Track Name: Restless Child
You can trace the lines in your palm
Chart the stars in the night sky
Follow the movement of the moon
As it pulls upon the tide

Chant mantras, count prayer beads
Pray until your knees bleed
But restless child, restless child
When will you find peace?

You can run to the end of the highway
Circumnavigate the earth
But this hunger like a blast furnace
Been burning since birth

See the shaman on the mountaintop
Hire all the lawyers in D.C.
Restless child, restless child
When will you find peace?

Like wind whipping prayer flags
In Tibetan air
We carry our story
With us everywhere

From the chapel in your hometown
Swaying with the gospel choir
To the deserts of some holy land
Beneath minarets and spires

You can look to gurus and lovers
Fasting and feasts
Restless child, restless child...

To the cradle of mystery
Where all desperation will cease...
Restless child, restless child
When will you find peace?
Track Name: Love Is The Law
When the last cathedral crumbles
And the monuments to superstition fall
The priests in robes and collars
Clutching collection plate dollars
Will know love is the law

When the laboratories go dark and the server farm shuts down
Lab coats hung on the wall
When all experiments are done
The final algorithm is run
The results say: love is the law

Lady Justice at the door of the courthouse
Her blindfold drops - her eyes open wide in awe
As the scale falls and shatters
She sees nothing else matters
Because love is the law

They said Susie can't be with Laura
And Peter can't be with Paul
Her daddy said she’d never be
With a poor boy like me
But, hey, love is the law

There’s blood on the streets of the city
But there’s hope where there should be none at all
And they still whisper stories
Of coming glory
Because they believe love is the law

See the refugee, outcast, and orphan
The weary wanderer - his back against the wall
Open the gate
Before it’s too late
If you believe love is the law

I had a dark dream like a Hieronymus Bosch vision
All humanity swallowed in the devil's open jaw
Raise your voice, your guitar
Wherever you are
And shout, "Love is the law!"

I tell you sometimes I’m tempted
To take a swan dive into the black emptiness of it all
Here comes that diamond shine
In my little girl's eyes
That says love is the law

My guiding light - a beacon in the night
Love is...love is the law
Track Name: Love Your Family
There’s fire in the streets on Capital Hill
Revolutions in distant lands
Empires crumbling
Whole countries changing hands

Darkness descending
With no end in sight
Would anyone be surprised
If the world ended tonight?

I'm going home
Gonna turn off the TV
Put down my phone
Love my family

Everyone’s got something their screaming
But no one has any answers
Fear and chaos pounding out the beat
Modern man is the dancer

I see hate answered with hate
No one changing hearts
I can’t tell you where we’re headed
But I know where we start

Go home
Turn off the TV
Put down your phone
Love your family

There's a time for the clenched fist
A time for the open hand
A time to take a knee
A time to take a stand

All we have
Is this short time together
Start a legacy of light
That goes on forever

Go home
Turn off the TV
Put down your phone
Love your family
Track Name: Time Changes Everything
I had dreams as big as the Montana sky
I used to tremble every time she passed by
Now I look in the mirror and don’t know who I see
Martha, what’s happened to me?

Used to be able to have just one drink
I never gave a damn what anyone else would think
Now my pockets are empty and redemption ain’t free
Martha, what’s happened to me?

Time, time, time
Changes everything
Time, time, time
Changes everything
Try to hold on - try to hold on

Used to have a band I’d call my dearest friends
Now I don’t care if I ever see them again
And my heart is harder than I ever thought it could be
Martha, what’s happened to me?

Used to talk for hours about beauty and art
Now money is king and my body’s falling apart
Used to believe in a world I couldn’t touch or see
Martha, what’s happened to me?

Time, time, time
Changes everything
Time, time, time
Changes everything
Try to hold on - try to hold on

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